Class Record: Koto ryu + Shinken Gata

March 10, 2008

Class: Sat 8th March

After stretching and some basic ukemi, we played with an ura gyaku we saw during the week. This led to other types of locks and throws all involving similar kind of balance breeaking with strikes. We did the same with daisho.

This weeks Koto ryu kata was Hoteki – which is in the dojo syllabus by the way –  and after the basic we played with variations using thumbs and taking both arms.

After tea I wanted to show the difference in using bokken/shinai versus mogito and so did some techniques with the tachi that made use of Seigan no kamae. I think everyone agreed it was completely different with metal and I think that it did leave an impression that when we use the sword we should have more of an awareness it’s danger and the need for economy of movement, shielding and in training real reactions to these things.

Thought provoker: How does that shinken feeling with “real” swords translate to unarmed training? Does it? Should it?

This was my last official class at the dojo  – it was great fun and thanks to all who attended my classes for helping me learn a lot about this art. See you as normal at Alex’s classes and feel free to drop into the Jiyu Dojo!

 – Ali Martinez

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