Class Record: Ukemi + Koto Ryu Koppojutsu + Kenjutsu

March 11, 2008

Class: Monday 10th March

We did some interesting rolling drills with a partner holding one arm as you rolled over it. This came form a technique that involved being thrown on a muso dori. Later on we had some advanced ukemi done from an lateral attack that threw the uke head first with itemi waza….. a classic case of zempo ukemi being the only option to prevent injury.

Our study of Koto Ryu was with Hosoku and Hoteki. It was  a chance to practice structure breaking uke nagashi, footwork that drives the body for strikes and locks, and fairly hefty throws.

In between we practiced with the tachi sword and footwork  and saw how Seigan no kamae could keep us out of trouble against secondary cuts.

Thought provoker: Did you make any contact with the kukaki ken? Ever do any drills with this? What syllabus is this in?

– Ali Martinez


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