Class Record: Santo Tonko + Koto Ryu Koppojutsu + Syllabus

March 14, 2008

Class: Thursday 13th March

We looked at some Santo Tonko ideas in Togakure Ryu and messed with the timing to allow balance breaking both pysically and mentally. Alex related this to how street-smart criminals might operate.

We examined 2 of the Koto Ryu Shoden Gata  Setto and Keto saw important it was to go back and look at the kihon kamae of this school. The dan grades did this during the syllabus portion of the class. We saw how our strikes can be pretty hard and how our footwork can also lead us to taking balance without the need for hard strikes.

The strike and kicks involved seem basic on the surface but when you consider all the different ways that uke’s structure is changed you can see that many types of kicks and strikes emerge as a possibility. We found too that the idea of “ki-ken-tai-ichi” literally “sword and body as one” or for us “strike and body as one” is massively important here and Alex  showed us this.

Though provoker: How can punching a bag help with “ki-ken-tai-ichi”? (Hint: that may be a trick question!)


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