Class Record: Ukemi + Musha Dori + Keri Kihon + Kyoketsu

March 19, 2008

Class: Tuesday March 18th

After some basic ukemi with some fine-tuning we  studied Keto  from Koto Ryu shoden gata. This kata has a lot of ideas in it and it was a good platform to examine basic kicking drills. So we looked at the structure, distance, the target area, the timing, the footwork, the hips etc.

The kata also opened up some variations of musha dori – and the timing of it allowed us to play with the kyoketsu .. just using the blade as an extra limb and ignoring the rope/ring for now. Seeing this weapon as a training tool rather than a weapon per se really helps improve footwork and “zanshin” I found.

Thought provoker: How does bag/pad kicking differ from using a partner?

– Ali Martinez


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