Class Record: Kaiten + Kenjutsu + Yoroi Kumi Uchi

April 4, 2008

Class: Thursday 4th April

We did all sorts of forward rolling as a warm-up on an already balmy evening – including “oten” or cartwheels. The importance of kamae/zanshin was pointed out throughout.

We did some basic kenjutsu drills from dai-jodan, seigan and hasso no kamae. Within this we looked at cutting, recovering, distance, rhythmn breaking, footwork, timing, countering,  thrusting.

Alex donned his Yoroi and some of us used our dogi worn a certain way to mimic the compact feeling of weariing armour. Our movement changed completely as we looked at similar kenjutsu techniques done before break, but now with armour in mind. We also did some taijutsu with armour and it was interesting to feel the difference as uke. Everyone was asked to show  their techniques.

In the end myself and Chris were asked to “spar” with the padded swords to show certain aspects of kenjutsu kamae.

Thought provoker: How was your rhythmn during the kenjutsu drills?

– Ali Martinez


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