Class Record: Ukemi Waza + Muto dori

April 8, 2008

Class: Monday 07th April

Another robust ukemi session started off the class with a good 20  mins on fluid rolling drills and breakfalls too. This led us into using ukemi as attacking techniques a-la Togakure Ryu. So we saw how really we would unbalance the uke with a block or strike before entering their space and exploiting their loss in balance using ukemi. There were versions of Osote Nage and Harai Goshi in there.

After tea we did some Koto Ryu style muto dori against various cuts and thrusts. This can be seen as  a sort of ukemi practice too where ukemi is “receiving” and the same control of balance and timing and space comes into it.

Thought provoker: How long did you spend on the ground after going there?

– Ali Martinez


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