Class Record: Ukemi + Koku + Takagi Yoshin Jutaijutsu

April 11, 2008

Class: Thursday 10th April

Continuing our robust ukemi sessions we did some ukemi  under pressure with rolling from strike attacks and drills on “last-minute” ukemi.  Remember, real ukemi doesn’t happen by choice!

We had a glance at some Gyokko ryu movement with Koku – the first Kata in the Shoden level. “Glance” is a good word to describe this kata. Plenty of kyusho attacks on this one too… but done in a way to effect structure. After some formal kata practice we loosened it up a bit  and saw hopefully how our natural kamae and footwork can work for us with the same feeling.

“Tatami-san” donned the hakama and haori as Alex showed some ideas from Takagi Yoshin Ryu. One may have noticed some  similar kyusho attacks as in Koku, but with a completely different angle.

Thought provoker: If real ukemi aren’t done by choice, can you say the same about “real waza”?

– Ali Martinez


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