Class Record: Gyokko Ryu Shoden Gata

April 15, 2008

Class: Monday April 14th

After another robust rolling session, we looked at Koku, Renyo and Danshu. These all contain a lot of our basics – kamae, footwork, kyusho, strikes, kicks, locks etc. They’re  a step up from the Kihon Happo though as they encompass a dynanism and sense of timing/distance and kukan manipulation.

Wtih koku we examined a witten dscription of how it’s done and saw some changes to  positioning and kyusho that was different to how we’ve seen it before.  After practicing the basic I added extra kicks to show mobility.  We went back to basics again and looked at how uke has to be attacking honestly and how tori has to achieve that “empty space” feeling without pressure.

With Renyo we did the basic and saw how uke’s response to a posible arm lock can aid his downfall. With Danshu we had the chance to continue with good footwork and koshi attacks.

Thought provoker: There are many kicks in these 3 kata – can you practice them on your own?

– Ali Martinez


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