Class Record: Gyokko Ryu Taihenjutsu + Danshu

April 18, 2008

Class: Thurs 17th April

I got things  started with some taihenjutsu based on basic attacks by a partner in order to look at distance, timing, kamae, awareness, zanshin etc. When Alex arrived it proved to be a useful start to the class as he planned to do the mutodori taihenjutsu from Gyokko Ryu. We did the first 2, Hira and Ichimonji and again this threw a spotlight on multiple aspects of our basic training.

We then went into Danshu from the Gyokko Ryu Shoden Gata in some depth – examing the muso dori, the footwork, the kyusho and looking at the restraining aspects  that could be applied at the end.

At the end of class we helped prepare some of the targets for this coming weekends seminar on Happo Bikenjutsu.

Though provoker: Alex highlighted an important aspect of training – the degree you let “tori” apply a technique as “uke”.  How is your ability to control this during training? Do you communicate with your training partner?

– Ali Martinez

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