Class Record: Gyaku waza + Santo tonko +

April 22, 2008

Class: Monday 21st April

Along with our regular ukemi practice we did  gyaku-nagare ukemi in various ways – backwards and  diving. We did various gyaku waza from grab punch combo’s and had to be aware of type of attack and the ability to perceive what was hapening at the moment  and not to force anything. Also the phenonomen of repetitively doing the same attack to increasing degrees of decreased intent was  highlighted and hopefully kept both parties on their toes and intentful.

Q was asked to show a technique did an excellent job of Togakure Ryu ninpo taijutsu movements. This led us to study escapes from attacks from behind with similar gyaku waza and some ideas from Shinden Fudo Ryu/ Takagi Yoshin.

Thought provoker: When a technique “doesn’t work” in training, what do you do?

– Ali Martinez


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