Class record: Koto Ryu Koppojutsu, kenjutsu kihon & tameshigiri

April 29, 2008

Last night’s class was a long one, going from 8pm to almost 11pm. There was a greater than average number of kyu grades present, so the class was pitched towards that skill level. We started with Hoteki, from the shoden level of Koto Ryu Koppojutsu and spent some time looking at the timing, angling, distancing and the importance of using the opponent’s skeletal structure to minimise their ability to continue attacking. We also looked at how the spine and legs can be used to move uke forcefully.

This led us into variations designed to isolate out individual components of the technique, but also to allow us to have some fun and work with flow. After tea, we looked at some kenjutsu basics involving tenouchi, kamae and cutting, and the dan grades present got a chance to cut some of the authentic tatami omote we recently imported.

– Alex Meehan


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