Class Record: Ukemi + Happobiken + Kubisugi Tonso Gata

May 6, 2008

Class: Thursday May 1st

We started with ukemi and looked at rolling and breakfalling from seiza while being attacked form the front and behind with shinai.

We then did a paired sword drill that involved several cuts and counters making use of distance, timing and kamae. In this drill each person’s role shifted from tori to uke as they investigated openings and how kamae can work dynamically.

I was asked to show “Kubisugi Tonso Gata” from Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu and demonstrated the use of rhtymn breaking, kamae disruption and gyaku waza within the technique. Alex showed variations of the kata with different kinds of footwork and kicks.

Thought provoker: Did you let go in the ukemi practice?

– Ali Martinez


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