Class Record: Bo + Choshi Dori + Nage Waza

May 7, 2008

Class: Tuesday May 6th

On a hot Summers evening Alex skipped formal ukemi practice and we went straight into taijutsu using the bo to manipulate kukan and mess with uke’s rthymn. We carried on this feeling with taijutsu and this led us to do some randori-like training where the idea was to occupy the space uke might have for recovery or counter-strikes or general balanced movement. This would lead to good positioning and “techniques” rather than having a pre-planned technique in mind.

Alex made an important point about the willingness to let go and to be hit or mess up. This letting go feeling was carrried through very well by Rex when he was asked to show something and he gave us some nice flowing nage waza. We practiced this with some technical modifications and use of footwork by Alex.

Thought provoker: Did you get hit during the randori? How did it affect you mentally?

Ali Martinez


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