Class Record: Gyaku Kaeshi + Syllabus + Happobiken

May 9, 2008

Class: Thursday 8th May

Ukemi practice was done in a robust free-flowing pattern with a look at not having form.

Our taijutsu began with counters to omote gyaku which allowed us to take advantage of uke’s set idea to perform the lock. While uke is set, we are free to adapt and flow with various timings and footwork. We could also use our basic kamae to affect uke’s structure, which he/she needs to perform a technique. Strikes were not excluded and over all it was another example of choshi dori practice – capturing rhythm. Everyone was asked to show their movement and uke’s ukemi was also challenged.

The kyu grades looked at syllabus work, with some exams coming up soon, while the seniors looked at some ideas from Kukishin Ryu Happo Biken that relied on timing, footwork, kamae, spirit, muto-dori feeling and the same rhythm-breaking seen in our taijutsu. We also saw some elements of moguri gata – decending techniques.

Thought provoker: If it’s about rhythmn breaking, what does that say about uke’s attack and how it could be “better”?

– Ali Martinez


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