Class Record: Kamae + Shinnenjutsu + Togakure Happobiken

May 13, 2008

Class: Monday 12th May

A pretty advanced class containing all sorts of ideas that show how our skeletal struture, driven by timing and spirit,  allows us to interupt an adversaries skeletal structure. It was all manipulation of kukan both in the taijutsu and with the sword work. From a basics perspective it showed how making the kamae your own and really knowing them with your body, can lead to unknown techniques. The sword work had similar ideas to Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijtusu of drawing your opponent out in the first few cuts before entering in. We saw how this might be usefull with the ninjato. There was also the idea of decending leaping, cutting with kamae, shielding while moving and using the uke’s extended skeleton – by virtue of them holding a sword – to take various balance points using the hips. Body-and-sword-as-one is wrapped up in all of this and doesn’t necessarily involve an actual sword.

Though provoker: What home-training are you doing to make these things your own?

As Alex has said recently before: “What are you waiting for?”


-Ali Martinez


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