Class Record: Suwari Ukemi + Jutaijutsu Gyaku Waza

May 16, 2008

Class: Thursday May 16th

We did some rolling drills up and down the dojo from seiza, both backwards and forwards.  Next we did some take-downs using the feet from which uke had to perform zempo-ukemi as the angle/timing didn’t allow for rolling. We used the feet in other ways to control uke’s attack.

Next we did some Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu looking at a few kata that demonstrated some of the footwork, locks, and throws from this Ryuha, in the seated position. Some “kuden” was given. We did similar stuff from standing also and does with that jutaijutsu feeling Alex showed how the resulting throws could be very meaty indeed so good ukemi was required.

We then did some syllabus work – “uchi-mata” and “gensaki otoshi”.


Thought porovoker: Alex’s classes are described as “intermediate to advanced”. Do they make you think you need more basic training? Have you tried Rex and Shanes classes?

-Ali Martinez


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