Class Record: Jigoku Dori + Henka + Syllabus

May 20, 2008

Class: Monday 19th May

The kata Jigoku Dori or “Hell capture” , which is in the kyu-grade syllabus and comes from Takagi Yoshin Ryu , was done in it’s basic form before being looked at with variations. We saw different ways of capturing the punch, taking balance, kicking and dropping the opponent. This was a good chance for uke to practice relaxed movement and zempo ukemi too.

The seniors moved into more dangerous variations with muso dori’s and oni-kudakis beeing created naturally within the rhythmn of taking balance with timing, strikes and hidden kicks. We worked against boxing-style jabs too.

We continued with syllabus work ahead of the grade test on Wednesday.

It was great to see everyone give  an enthusiastic help cleaning up in readiness for Fridays class with Doug Wilson.

Thought provoker: Jabs versus lunge punches. How does it change your taijutsu?

Because of the weekend seminar coming, the class next Monday 26th will move to Tuesday 27th instead.

 – Ali Martinez


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