Class Record: Kihon Happo Nagare + Goshinjutsu + Happo Biken

June 4, 2008

Class: Tuesday 3rd June

Some ideas from the recent seminar with Doug came out here. We were asked to play with distance angles and timing in order to take look at the Kihon Happo in a way that was more responsive and flowy than the form we first learn it in. This lead on to a talk on self-defence ideas – goshinjutsu – of spacial awareness and types of attacks and using natural kamae and tactics to avoid hostile engagement.

Personally I recommend http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/ for a one-stop shop on the many areas covered on notions of self-defence and how your budo might fit into it, or not.

After tea we practiced some kenjutsu – tenchi no kamae vs tsuki which had it’s own timing, distance and angles to work with. We did this at half speed in the end in order to wrok with more control and to allow us to see things better in training.

Thought provoker: Is your budo applicable to self-defence techniques?

– Ali Martinez


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