Class Record: Ukemi + Togakure Ryu Ukemi Gata

June 6, 2008

Class: Thurs June 5th

Aoife was asked to lead rolling last night so we did zempo kaiten, ushiro and yoko.

Alex has a plan to have us do “kuten” or handsprings by the end of the Summer so we got to practice some preliminary ukemi -dive rolls, handstands and rolling from handstands. Controlling your body under extreme conditions is the obvious goal here and it’s going to build nicely on our zempo ukemi. Indeed, according to Japan resident Shihan Duncan Stewart at a semniar on Shinden Fudo Ryu in Sydney, 2006, Takamatsu Sensei was required to do kuten on finger-tips for his teacher as one of the SFR tests.

I was asked to pick a technique from the Togakure Ryu and so did Itto Dori from the Ukemi Gata. I’m pretty sure we did this with Nagato Sensei in Japan earlier this year so hopefully I did it with the feeling and not just the word-for-word description in the book.

Alex expanded on the importance of the Ichi no kamae in this technique and how it can lead to aspects of distance, timing and angles. Shuko were added as well as some koppojutsu. We all had to show our technique and it was interesting to see how a bad ichi no kamae might mess up the D.A.T.

Thought provoker: Have you ever used the mirror in the dojo or at home (or a video camera) to check your kamae?

– Ali Martinez


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