Class Record: Ikken Hasso + Kyoketsu + TYR Daisho Sabaki

June 10, 2008

Class: Monday 9th June

We started with some  rolling lead by Alan  and a lesson in observation as Alex asked us to copy him exactly.

Next we did some techniques that involved the idea of “ikken hasso” or “one-fist-as-many” and used this to upset uke’s balance so as to be able to take gyaku waza which would otherwise be impossble if uke was upright. We did this with kicks and throwing uke into an omotegyaku. We were required to play with the distance and angles such that uke’s counter punch led to him/her being trapped and meeting various fists. We added the kyoketsu and saw again how playing with uke’s balance encourages them to fall into a hole of their own making.

The Takagi Yoshin Ryu Daisho Sabaki Gata alow us to look at distance and angling in a different manner. The way we move into the space uke needs to cut is important and again animated our need for total body movement. We played with the basic and various gyaku here too.  A tessen was added to increase the leverage for distance and controlling uke on the ground.

Thought provoker: Whats fists are available within ikken hasso? What targets does each of these have? How does your study of them change with timing, distance and angles?

– Ali Martinez


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