Class Record: Gyokko Ryu: Teiken + Daisho Sabaki

June 17, 2008

Class: Monday 16th June

After another round of hip-wrenching ukemi I was asked to show “Teiken” from Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu’s Joryaku no Maki. The kata calls for a particular kind of rear restraint by the attacker which would be best suited for a scenario involving a second attacker. The basic was performed several times before Alex dived into henka looking at drawing the attacker out, using kicks, gyaku waza, moguri gata, iken hasso and generally  not being there to get caught up.

When Daisho were added to both parties, the attacker could be tied up as if using a rope and the wakizashi could be used. The effect of using metal swords was shown too as the fear of being cut magnifies the ability of tori to control uke without necessarily doing lethal damage.

Thought provoker: Zanshin is noted at the end of a lot of kata. Do you have it?

  – Ali Martinez


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