Class Record: Gyokko Ryu Ichimonji No Kamae + Ichimonji No Kata + Keto + Daisho Sabaki

June 20, 2008

Class: Thursday 19th June

Firstly we took on some long range dive rolling, trying to clear a tatami with good form and ending with Zanshin.

We then dedicated some time to specific kamae practice – Ichimonji No Kamae from Gyokko Ryu. The form was practiced methodically and demonstarted text-book style. Ichimonji No Kata was practiced with this in mind too looking at distance, timing, angles, targets, footwork, sabaki etc.

I picked “Keto no Kata” from Gyokko ryu Koshijutsu to show and this led Alex to teach dynamic dakentaijutsu attacks, defences, counters, strikes and kicking. Interesting to see how alll this led to effortless throwing which shows you what good throwing involves. We dipped into the Ten Ryaku Uchu Gassho aspects of Gyokko Ryu too and Alex spoke a bit about this concept of looking at the techniques with different feelings in order to be in/out of the moment.

We continued with a glance at Takagi Yoshin’s Daisho Sabaki movement and ended with a show of gyaku waza by everyone in the class.

Though provoker: Got a large mirror at home?

– Ali Martinez


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