Class Record: Shinobi Sabaki + Hicho no kata + Hiryu no ken

June 24, 2008

Class: Monday 24th June

We looked at smooth, small rolling techniques with some other methods of getting around using the hands and feet shown and practiced too. Silent and smooth were the watch-words here.

We continued our study of the Kihon Happo Gata with Hicho no kata from the basic form as in the published densho into adaptive strikes and kicks and gyaku waza. Sabaki waza proved to be important here too.

We took a look at one of the kata practiced at the recent Togakure Ninpo workshop – hiryu no ken and practiced it’s basic form as well as the some of the ideas that it contained.

Thought provoker: The Togakure ryu uses shorter swords. How was Hiryu no ken different as different length swords were used? What about the curvature, tsuba or not etc.

– Ali Martinez


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