Class Record: Ukemi + Jumonji No Kata + Ninpo Biken

June 27, 2008

Class: Thursday June 27th

Our ukemi involved some dynamic and full body backwards rolls such that the impulse initially given is enough to send one into a spring backwards into kamae. Mention was made of not stopping the momentum but going with it.

Jumonji no kata was looked at in the basic form with particular attention paid to angles and footwork. We then saw some play on  the timing and also some ideas seen at the recent Doug Wilson class at the dojo. These involved kamae and timing with a gyaku that disrupted the ukemi of the opponent if done well.

After tea we had a look again at Hiru no kata form Togakure Ryu as well as a glance at Kasumi no ken.  If the attacker becomes nmore dynamic after the basic we can see how good kamae and footwork allows us to go with that and defeat them. Much like the taijutsu earlier.

Thought provoker: If you purchase the Doug Wilson 08 DVD – see below – how will you use it for training?

– Ali Martinez


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