Class Record: Ukemi + Omote Gyaku + Yoyu + Takagi Yoshin Ryu

July 1, 2008

Class: Monday 30th June

We examined the technique behind yoko nagare kaiten – sideways flowing roll – and saw how all extraneous movement can be stripped away to allow for smooth excecution of this ukemi waza.

Our spotlight on Kihon Happo continued with Omote Gykau and the form allowed us to use our spines and footwork to perform this reversal without brute force. A Richard said, for example, bringing the arms in allows a gear shift such that less power is needed.

We played with the element of timing later on and other gyaku emerged. Alex talked about this concept of “yoyu” or “leeway” manipulation which has a space-time componenet that causes uke to react or be in a position of least ability to compensate for external forces.

In the end we practiced Kasumi Dori from Takagi Yoshi Shoden no Maki and saw how centrifugal forces within tori and uke can allow for a smooth takedown.

Thought provoker: The method of stipping down the ukemi practice we saw – can we apply this to anything else?

– Ali Martinez


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