Class Record: Omote Gyaku Tsuki + Choshi Dori + Kasumi Dori

July 4, 2008

Class: Thursday July 3rd

After ukemi led by Aoife and close look at zempo ukemi we continued with the Kihon Happo – Omote Gyaku Tsuki. After the basic we saw many ways of applying the gyaku outside the kihon. Kicking became an option with the distance involved and further strikes to various kyusho on the limbs to break uke’s kamae.

We took a look at breaking rhtymn as uke comes in for a grab punch – choshi dori – in order to facilitate escaping and not engaging with him. Spirit and kamae were important here as well as the idea of not trying to set up a technique but reponding to the actual situation that was there.

Alex asked me to show Kasumi Dori from Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu so we did the basic before looking at a standup version. This coincidently ended up being similar to the Omote Gyaku Tsuki henka above with an ura gyaku instead, as well as kicks and strikes to disrupt uke’s ability to be balanced, as before.

Thought provoker: Alex and myself both highly recommend the following website for excellent commentary on Self Defence strategies that you don’t need a dojo for, just a brain.


Grab a coffee and read it all…. then read it again in 3/6 months time.

– Ali Martinez


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