Class Record: Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu + Ganseki Nage

July 8, 2008

Class: Monday July 8th

The next few weeks will see a dedicated study of HTYR as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming Embu (demonstration).

So we looked at the 1st three kata from the Shoden Omote Gata. Some priciples involved were: use of the knees, the distance of attack, the angles, the footwork, the spiral movement of the center. A lot of these technique are from seated positions and so mobility on the ground is all important.

We also looked at version of “Karame Dori” from the omote gata which involves a capture from behind. All of these techniques involve “zanshin” at the end and Alex made particular note of this concept.

Gavin was asked to show a technique and he did a very nice flowing Genseki Nage which Alex exapanded on with strikes and tactical use of footwork.

All senior students are advised to wear hakama for the coming classes.

Thought provoker: What modern equivalent could the seated techniques of HTYR apply to if the principles are studied?


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