July 9, 2008

Hi all,

Two things are looming on the horizon, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to post two reminders.

1 – The first is that we have a new beginner’s course starting this coming Monday, July 14th. Anyone interested in joining us here in Rathmines needs to drop me a mail and most importanly, attend at least one class before the course commences. Read more about that here.

2 -Secondly, this year is amazingly the 10th year that my dojo has been open. It feels like about two – it’s been an amazing ongoing journey since we started training in Trinity College in 1998, and if anything, I feel like we’re accelerating as time goes by rather than slowing down. The training speaks for itself, but in addition, we’re going to get together this Saturday night for dinner at a restaurant in town. The full details are on the discussion forum so if you can, log in there and check it out.

If you don’t have access (some people have problems with accesing forums from work computers) drop me a mail and I’ll fill you in. Hope to see you all there!

– Alex Meehan


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