Class Record: HTKY Shoden Gata + Kodachi

July 11, 2008

Class: Thursday 10th July

We ran through the first 3 kata from Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu’s Shoden Gata as on Monday and looked at the next three after that. The standing techniques can appear similar to kata we’ve seen from the past 2 years form Gyokko Ryu and Shinden Fudo but the feeling behind them is changed thanks to different angles, timing, distance and strategic concerns. These variables may be different but they share equal qualities like – staying safe, keeping balanced, zanshin etc

After tea we applied some lessons in timing and angling to kodachi use. This sword is easier to draw than the katana but is of lesser range.

Thought provoker: How did you let uke feel like they were able to take your sword? Was it physical, mental or spiritual.

– Ali Martinez


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