Class Record: TYR Omote Gata

July 15, 2008

Class: Monday July 14th

We went through the first 6 kata of this beginning section of this school of Jutaijutsu. It was noticed that all of the techniques have different attacks. It was conjectured too that that within these attacks and subsequent ukemi may lie the kihon gata of this school.  Some of the Dan grades were given the  kata that they are expected to perform on the day of the Embu. Training was just a run-through of the kata although as the weeks progress the particular features of the school become more familiar. Alex made the important point though that we haven’t properly studied these yet as to do that would mean to spend a few weeks on each kata and henka internalising the feeling behind each one. It should be noted too that each kata seems to build on the proceeding one. We also took a  look at one of the Eri Jime gata – strangulation techniques 

Thought provoker: From these first kata  what strikes/kicks can you distil?

– Ali Martinez


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