Announcement: the dojo is moving!

July 22, 2008

So I have some news. The lease on Kenilworth Lane, where the dojo is currently located is about to run out and so I have been looking for a new space for us to train in for the last few months. Last week a suitable looking place came up on daft.ie and I went to see it.

Following some negotiations with our new landlord, the deal is done, and in around one month’s time, we’ll be moving in. I’ll post the full address and maps of how to get there closer to the date, but for now I’ll say that it’s located in Rathgar, around five minutes from where we are now.

So what have we gotten? Well, this place is a major improvement on several significant fronts from where we are now. It has:

* 800 square feet of training space.
* A 4.5 metre high ceiling.
* Gas-fired central heating and hot water.
* A changing room.
* A store room.
* Seperate toilet and WC
* A functioning burglar alarm
* Roller shutters to keep it properly secure.
* A small walled back garden (Aprox 60 square feet, and a glazed entry area.)
* A small gravel courtyard out front

So I can’t express strongly enough how happy I am about this. For six years we’ve used ramshackle sheds up lanes that have been freezing in winter, roasting in summer and leaky in the rain. This is a much better facility by a long shot.

Touch wood – if everything goes to plan, when the renovations I have in mind are complete, those days should be behind us and we will have one of if not the best training facility in the country.

– Alex Meehan


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