Class Record: Demo prep + Paris Review

July 25, 2008

Class: Thursday 24th July

We all got into our groups and practiced our Takagi Yoshin Jutaijutsu for the Embu. Alex made the important point that with these kata the uke is learning to attack and also talked about the difference between Embu practice and class practice in terms of performance.

After tea, Natalia, Chris, Mat and myself showed a few things we learned at the Paris Taikai. Chris gave us a sword retention technique using he priciple of Sanshin – points of contact. Natalia showed us the art of taking rhthymn with a flowing gyaku waza. Mat did a teho doki waza that took advantage of uke’s willingness to attack and I showed a technique that messed with uke’s perception of distance. All of these things demonstrated some aspects of ninpo taijutsu that can be used in any technique you care to mention.

Thought provoker: How can could these things be done in the Kihon Happo for example.

– Ali Martinez


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