Class Record: TYR: Omote Gata + Tai no Kata

August 1, 2008

Class: Thursday 31st July

We went through the Omote Gata of Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu again with emphasis placed on punctuating the moves for an audience to see. Some “reiho” or “etiquette” also introduced so as to formalise the techniques and frame them in the context of a performance. The seniors demoed these kata to the class so that a sense of the timing and other things could be examined.

Some kata from the other levels are being shown as well and we all saw and practiced these too – they involve sutemi waza and interesting throwing techniques. I got a chance to practice some “Shinobi Zue” with Alan – our newest shodan, and it looks like we’ll have a couple of techniques each from this “ninpo” weapon to show.

Alex gave an interesting talk on the idea of practicing the kata formally the way we are doing now, versus normal dojo practice. He spoke of the idea of “kyojitsu tenkan ho” and “shin-shin shin-gan”.

For more on this, check out an on-line essay written by Alex for the free edition of Bujinmag: http://www.bujinmag.com/Magazine/2k5/1205/02/1205_02.asp

Thought provoker: The way we are practicing techniques for the Demo has been different recently. Has your role as uke felt, or been, different? If so, Is it helpful to your understanding of taijutsu?

– Ali Martinez


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