Class Record: Hicho no henka + Demo practice

August 6, 2008

Class: 05/08/08

We checked out some close-range versions of Hicho no kata, looking at how to close in and take balance before and because of, striking. This sort of tai-sabaki became useful with some techniques against a tanto attack making use of whole-body movement as the hands secured the weapon. Some of the movements naturally leaked over from our recent study of Takagi Yoshin Ryu. We then continued to study this in demo format and Alex made a particular point of asking us to practice kiai if we are to use it in the demo. The kyu grades explored some of the TYR waza further and myself and Alan continued to work on shinobi zue waza working out ways of handling the chain in a dramatic yet controlled manner for the Embu.

Thought provoker: How will you practice your kiai?

– Ali Martinez


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