Class Record: Last class at Rathmines Dojo

August 19, 2008

Class:  Monday 18th August

Old Dojo

Old Dojo

As the Bujinkan Meehan Dojo has new premises in Rathgar instead of Rathmines – 5 mins away – this was the last class in Kennilworth Lane.

 We looked at a fast pace Kihon Happo taking advantage of rhtymn breaking, openings, footwork, shielding, angling, distance and generally everything we’ve been studying this year. We got as far as musha dori before tea-break. With this sort of jiyu-waza we could see the importance of basics.

After tea we had another look at the demo practice with the added practice of framing everything in the proper order with everyone weapons-ready and in the correct sequence. It turned out well.

After class a lot of us went down to the new dojo to have a peek and some of us will help out the next few nights with readying it for training on Thursday. Check www.happobiken.com for directions.

The new dojo looks excellent with lots of added floor space, ceiling height, changing rooms, storage and we all agreed it could turn out to be fantastic  training environment.

Thought provoker: How will you help to make the new dojo a great place to train?

– Ali Martinez


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