Class Record: First Class at the New Dojo Rathgar

August 22, 2008

Class: Thursday 21st August 

New Dojo

New Dojo

This was a packed class in the new dojo and everything went well. Of course it’s not fully kitted out yet but the space has the same useable mat area as the old place but with much higher ceiling and plenty of storage. Along with the welcome area, ladies changing room and lots of other features it will become a fanatstic dojo in no time.

We studied some of the walking techniques of Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu with the various strikes and kicks and gyaku waza that these entail. A lot of this was opportunistic in nature and shows how windows of maximum potential open and close for tori through movement, distancing, angling, strikes and timing.

After class a few of us went down to do the final clear up of the old dojo and Matt showed us some of his shotenjutsu skills * wink wink.

Thought provoker: There were many style of kicking shown within these techniques – back, scoop, forward, side, heel, ball, stomp etc Did you spot them? Do you practice these on their own?

Ali Martinez


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