Class Record: Naginata + Gyaku Waza + Moguri Gata

August 27, 2008

Class: Monday 25th August

With the new high ceilings we took advantage and broke out the naginata to look at a few techniques. It was shown how kamae, kamae, kamae is all important and can lead to proper excution of blocks, cuts, capturing, deflections etc. We also saw how grip and the knees are used with a structured posture. The swordsman’s perspective was also looked at as well as some features of the kamiyari, the bisento and the nagimaki that make them the same but different.

We then did some unarmed gyaku waza based on circular motion and generally winding uke up. We worked in the idea of decending from the center to capture uke’s center where kicking, punching and even agressive ukemi helped to disable them. It was intersting to see how certain features that have been drilled trhough TYR training have come out stronger in everyones technique.

Thought provoker: What are the the naginata kamae?

– Ali Martinez


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