Class Record: Maki Dori + Gyaku Waza + Kodachi

September 1, 2008

Class: Thurs 28th August

A bit late with this write-up but from what I remember: After ukemi featuring a close look at forward rolls with a twist we had some really nice use of the legs to manipulate uke’s spine by wrapping them up from the ground up in order to effect posture and structure.  This lead to gyaku waza and suki that would fall in to place easier than if uke wasn’t so tied up. The earlier rolling drills turned out to be of some use here.

After a cuppa we looked at kodachi vs tachi and kodachi vs kodachi using some ideas from Juppo Sessho.

We had a couple of gradings at the dojo too so congratulations to Paul and Janne.

Though provoker: When is the last time you practiced Sanshin no kata?

– Ali Martinez


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