Class Record: Ukemi Gata + Ninpo Taijutsu + Naginata

September 2, 2008

Class: Monday Sept 2nd

We had a talk about the nature of ukemi in real fighting and how dojo training compares to shinken gata  or “real techniques” where opponents won’t take ukemi easily and so the method of taking balance has to allow for this fact. It’s also very usefull to be aware of ones own false sense of reality especially as ones own ukemi becomes better and thus divergesfrom untrained ukemi in reality.

We got back into this years theme with some of the Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu and how timing and rhtymn-breaking comes into upsetting an attack. We saw the use of hip movement form both tori and uke in this.

We continued with a look at some aspects of the Naginata with kamae and distance training against a  swordsman  without which proper ukemi and cutting won’t exist.

Thought provoker: How is your ukemi when you’re uke? Do you over-use it, factor in reality, study openings, be too automatic, try to escape too much, leave yourself open, strike while moving? Does it depend on your rank, the rank of your partner? Are some people easier to throw than others? Why? Is it them or you? Is that good?

– Ali Martinez


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