Class Record: Gyaku Waza + Gyokko Ryu + Keri + Naginata

September 10, 2008

Class: Monday 8th Sept

The gyaku waza we studied depended on comprimising uke’s hips through kicks and strikes and movement. Angles and distance were all important here too. This showed up again with some Gyokko Ryu kata that involved counter-kicks. Kicking became a feature of some of the seated techniques we looked at too.. which also manipulated the attackers hip.  Add in the Naginata to the mix at the end and interesting things happen if the hips are taken with this weapon.

Thought provoker: Can you find the Gyokko Ryu Kata in the “Unarmed Techniques of the Samurai”?

 – Ali Martinez


One comment

  1. whats is teiken and saketsu [kata]?

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