Class Record: Syllabus run-through 9th, 8th, 7th kyu

September 16, 2008

Class: Monday 15th Sept

Seeing as our teacher is running through a lot of basic syllabus material in Japan according to the reports, I though we’d do the same with our dojo syllabus for a number of reasons: – To expose us to the material, to shine a spotlight on areas of weakness, to train under pressure, to practise the basics. After these classes we can reflect on what we need to work on.

Its important to note that the material covered is done from one point of view – mine on the day. All techniques can be done in many ways and with an emphasis on many aspects – distance, angling, timing, kamae, precision, rhthmn. Last night my primary theme was “shoulders over hips” and “moving from the center”.

So we did 9th, 8th and 7th kyu.. I hope we saw why some items in each grade are grouped together and how they’re connected if we think about how we move.. e.g. back kick and uchimata in 7th kyu.

Thursday we’ll see 6, 5, 4th kyu – hanbo, sword, sutemi waza and ryuha kata. “Distance” and “angles” will be the theme. The dan grades should research the ryuha kata from  Soke’s books before then as you’ll be called to demonstrate.

Though provoker: What can you work on from the syllabus on your own?

– Ali Martinez


One comment

  1. Great class Ali! I’m raging I had to leave early and missed the 8th and 7th kyu syllabus 😛

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