Class Record: Syllabus run-through 6th, 5th kyu

September 19, 2008

Class: Thursday 18th Sept

We continued with a look at the dojo syllabus. This time we had gyaku waza, sutemi waza, shime waza, striking to counter throws  and hanbo basics. Again it was an overview rather than a detailed study but a good way of looking at the broad range of fundamental techniqes in our art. None of this really contained timing or strategic components. Rather it involved static drills and basic ideas. Most of the class were Dan grades and this training allowed us to examine our basics and see how we can improve on them in the future. Again the word from Japan is that Alex is doing these basics with some of the Shihan there so when we review these with him, we’ll have a reference point. On Monday we’ll see how much of the rest of the syllabus we can complete. Because of time restrictions we may just stick to the  unarmed waza of the remaining levels.

Thought provoker: Are you making time for the Clondalkin seminar in October?

– Ali Martinez


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