Event: October “Tenchijin” workshop

September 27, 2008

On Saturday October 4th, there will be a one day workshop in Rathgar focusing on kihon waza, or basic techniques.

In particular, this workshop will concentrate on the first two books of the Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki, or Scrolls of Heaven, Earth & Man. This is the instructors manual created by Hatsumi Soke in the 1970s. This book is made of three distinct sections, concentrating on:

  • Ten Ryaku no Maki (Scroll of Heaven): Rolling, breakfalling, leaping, sanshin no kata, kihon happo no kata, kamae, muto dori and the use of various fists as adaptive weapons.
  • Chi Ryaku no Maki (Scroll of Earth): Hand and body escapes, hand locking and restraints, kneeling techniques, locking techniques, throwing techniques, strangling techniques
  • Jin Ryaku no Maki (Scroll of Man): various kata taken from the nine schools taught in the Bujinkan.

This workshop is open to all Bujinkan students, subject to prebooking a place via e-mail or by leaving a comment here. The workshop will cost €35 and will run from 11am to 5pm/6pm. In particular I’d like to encourage some of the newer members of the dojo to come along and meet the other students who they might not yet have met. While this workshop is aimed at my students, others are welcome to attend as well.

There are 16 places available in total for this workshop and as of today, as of today, Tuesday September 30th, there there are 0 places left out. If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list in case someone drops out, drop me a mail or leave a comment here.

– Alex Meehan



  1. Hey Alex,
    My name is Grahem. I’m a student of Ian Hickeys and was wondering if I could take one of the places for the Tenchijin workshop on Saturday (if there’s still one available). If so my email is graheme@hotmail.com.

  2. Hi Grahem,

    Unfortunately this course has booked out – there are a few people waiting for a place, so if some places come up (due to others dropping out) I’ll let you know.


  3. Thanks Alex. That would be great.

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