Class Record: Ukemi + Genseki Nage + Onikudaki

September 30, 2008

Class: Monday 29th Sept

We did some counter intuitive forward rolling as taught in Japan recently. After that we did some yoko kaiten within muto dori ukemi gata.

The taijutsu we looked at involved taking distance and angles from punches. Being able to detect the wrong angles for uke to recieve and fall into were part of the movement here and often it required a constant movement of the feet. The gyaku waza of genseki nage and onikudaki appeared and disappeared as uke fell continuosuly into the trap set by their own wilingness to attack. There was ninpo taijutsu in the techniques but also a chance to consider basics. Rex showed some techniques too involving subtle muso-dori and this led into playing with taki-ori’s also.

Thought provoker: Do you ask to feel the techniques from those instructing? Why not?

– Ali Martinez


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