Class Record: Balance breaking 101

October 3, 2008

Class: Thursday Oct 2nd

Our taijutsu has a fundamental component of trying to upset uke’s balance so that they cannot continue the fight on a stable base. Last night’s class looked at various ways of doing this in a flowing non-basic manner. We started off with a punch/kick combination attack. For example….entering the space uke needs to recover the base, making them hang onto you for balance, striking them to knock their balance long enough to manipulate it, both physically and mentally, having them think they got you etc. Tom stepped up to show a technique using similar ideas of kazushi waza and we played with that too.

Thought provoker: Did you kick tori in a manner that made you think “gotcha!” (without cheating i.e. knowing they’d shift a certain way)

                                                                                                                                                     – Ali Martinez


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