Class Record: Happo Geri + Keri Kudaki + Santo Tonko no kata

October 7, 2008

Class: Monday 6th Oct

I kicked off class with Ichimonji no Kata henka based on “earlier” timing. Alex took over and introduced some Kihon practice with a kicking drill that looked at various kicks given to us by the Happo Geri of the Ten Chi Jin no Maki. This led into all sort of variations and review of other basic drills as well as counter kicking techniques. By their nature there was some hefty breakfalling in here too.

After tea we spent some time on the Santo Tonko of Togakure Ryu with counters and fairly free flowing techniques that took advantage of timing, angling, capturing rhythm and indeed some of the kicks we saw earlier.

Thought provoker: When’s the next time that you’ll do basic kicking drills?

– Ali Martinez


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