Class Record: Ukemi Kihon + Ura Gyaku + Hanbo

October 14, 2008

Class: Monday Oct 14th

Basic ukemi practice was followed by a spotlight on ura gyaku and some interesting variations as uke hits the ground. The idea of “Sanshin” or 3 hearts was involved here to various degrees. There were many control mechanisms that were hard to see and care had to be taken on applying pressure to the gyaku.

We studied happobikenjutsu with the sword and Hanbo and in the end with some taijutsu. Everyone  was asked to demonstrate their understanding of this sort of intention training and capturing of the spirit with kamae.

Thought provoker: How was your striking within the ura gyaku waza? There was specific targeting. What difference did it make if you hit the required area well or not?

– Ali Martinez


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