Class Record: Seminar review + San-nin Dori + Koppo

October 22, 2008

Class: Tuesday 21st Oct

The recent seminar with Thomas Franzen threw up a lot of ideas so we explored some of them in class. When looked at it closely, it really involved the idea of “koppo” as described at various times by Soke – of manipulating the structure behind defence/offence. Shizen no kamae is our natural structure as upright bi-peds, so this was explored initially.

With this we built upon some one-on-one techniques and extended that to San-nin dori or “3 man capturing”. Dealing with multiple attacks in a smooth and mobile manner. Everyone demonstrated this concept for the class. After break we studied a different type of “koppo” that we have in happobikenjutsu – with the use of the ninjato where the same light and mobile feeling allows us to deal with another extreme attacking situation. Rather than multiple opponents, we have the sword to contend with.

**Congratulations to Chris, Matt, Quentin, Ian, and Steven for their promotions last night!**

Thought provoker: Are you exploring the seminar idea of zero excess tension in class?

-Ali Martinez


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