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New DVD: Sveneric Bogsater Shihan Dublin Seminar 2008

May 28, 2008

There’s a new DVD in the Dojo webstore, shot at a seminar in Dublin in March 2008.

Alan Butler hosted Swedish shihan Sveneric Bogsater and the seminar was recorded and edited into a DVD by dojo member Quintin Ahern. Alan has already passed on DVDs to those who pre-ordered them, but to make the disk more easily available to others, it’s now available from my webstore. If you order it, the order goes to Alan, who will look after shipping it himself.

You can buy the DVD (and view an online trailer) here.


Class record: Santo Tonko no kata, kieru no kankaku, randori & bojutsu

May 28, 2008

As the subject line says, last night we looked at bits and bobs from the weekend, including waza from the santo tonko no kata, kieru no kankaku, randori & bojutsu. Everyone was a bit tired from the intensive training over the last few days, so it was a relaxed class.

There was also a longer than usual talking bit in the middle, as we discussed some of the things Doug had to say regarding the practicalities of training and how important it is to keep things vibrant, alive and healthy. Lots of fun.

– Alex Meehan


Thanks to Doug Wilson Shihan!

May 26, 2008

Thanks to Doug Wilson Shihan from Japan for an excellent three days training this past weekend. Doug covered material taken from Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu and the sword, rokushakubo and kyoketsu shoge of Happobikenjutsu over the weekend, with a pervading theme of ‘keeping it real’, ‘ninpo ikkan’ and working towards kieru no kankaku, or the feeling of disappearing.

I know I had a great time and it was a pleasure to welcome visiting budoka (and shihan instructors) from EVERY club in Ireland as well as visitors from the UK (David Oliver, David Webb, Andy Whalley, Chris Caulfield) and Shihan Gillian Booth from Australia.

Thanks are also due to Rex Dunlop for being so incredibly helpful with the organising of this course, as well Quintin Ahern for filming and Jason Coleman, Richard WeldMoore, Mat Harvey and the others from the Rathmines Dojo who also mucked in. Thanks guys!

We recorded enough material to put out a DVD of this seminar, so watch this space for news of when it will be available.

There are loads more pictures on the dojo webforum, for those registered to view it.

– Alex Meehan


No training tonight!

May 26, 2008

Please note that due to the seminar that took place this weekend, there is no training at the Rathmines dojo tonight.

Normal Monday night training will instead take place tomorrow, Tuesday, using the same times as we usually have on Monday.

See you there!

– Alex Meehan


See you at training!

May 23, 2008

So we have training tonight at the Rathmines Dojo at 7.30pm with Doug and then tomorrow in Clondalkin, with training starting promptly at 11am. Please remember to arrive early for both sessions, and in particular, please help the organisers out by checking through to the blog entry for the weekend session.

There you’ll find a downloadable registration form – please print it out, fill it in and bring it with you to training on Saturday morning. We will have a stack of them available but if everyone has to fill in the form on the day it will slow things down, and we need to actually start at 11am, rather than 30 or 40 minutes later.

Hope to see as many of you as possible for this.

– Alex Meehan


Announcements for this week

May 21, 2008

It’s a busy week for us here at the Rathmines Dojo. Because there are lots of scheduling irregularities in May, students should note that there is:

  1. Training tonight for an hour, followed by a kyu grade exam.
  2. No training tomorrow (Thursday) night and . . .
  3. Training on Friday night with Doug.

Anyone is welcome tonight – even if you’re not doing a test, it will be a good opportunity to go over lots of basics in a fast manner.

– Alex Meehan


Class Record: Jigoku Dori + Henka + Syllabus

May 20, 2008

Class: Monday 19th May

The kata Jigoku Dori or “Hell capture” , which is in the kyu-grade syllabus and comes from Takagi Yoshin Ryu , was done in it’s basic form before being looked at with variations. We saw different ways of capturing the punch, taking balance, kicking and dropping the opponent. This was a good chance for uke to practice relaxed movement and zempo ukemi too.

The seniors moved into more dangerous variations with muso dori’s and oni-kudakis beeing created naturally within the rhythmn of taking balance with timing, strikes and hidden kicks. We worked against boxing-style jabs too.

We continued with syllabus work ahead of the grade test on Wednesday.

It was great to see everyone give  an enthusiastic help cleaning up in readiness for Fridays class with Doug Wilson.

Thought provoker: Jabs versus lunge punches. How does it change your taijutsu?

Because of the weekend seminar coming, the class next Monday 26th will move to Tuesday 27th instead.

 – Ali Martinez